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Holy Week Pro-Life Intentions

Holy Week is a beautiful time to unite our lives to the Cross so that our sufferings may be glorified through His Resurrection.

Please add our petitions to your personal prayers:

  • For all who are suffering from abandonment or neglect, that compassionate individuals will come forward to offer them comfort and aid.
  • That the victims of violence, torture and slavery will be delivered from their suffering, find healing and know that God is close to them.
  • That the persecution of Christians will end in a new era of tolerance and respect for the religious freedom and conscience rights of all.
  • For all who labor under burdens that seem too great to bear—due to illness, age, poverty, cruelty or injustice—that our prayers and aid will lighten their crosses.
  • For an end to the death penalty and for the release of all prisoners of conscience and all who have been wrongfully convicted.