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February 6

Hello all,

Me and Stacy finished another hard week of training amidst snow and coldish temperatures. T-shirts will be out soon–stay tuned on those. You’ll be able to order those off of the website for about $5 in a couple of weeks. Just finished the design tonight. Put in around 36 miles or so running on the roads this week plus lifting yesterday and today as well as biking today and tomorrow.

Kind of anxious about the time that I’ve put in on the bike so far (or lack thereof) due to the snowy conditions.  I was forced inside today for my two hour or so ride while watching “the dark knight”–nothing could have inspired me better…

Stacy and will be speaking at the masses at St. John’s here in Champaign this weekend to get the word out–pray that people’s hearts will be moved to help out our cause any way they can. I’ll be heading home in a couple of weeks for the same and Stacy will as well at some point in the coming weeks. Hard to believe that there’s just over 5 weeks left until the ride starts–I hope that Stacy and I are ready! It’s going to be difficult, but as likes to say Jimmy…”for the babies!”

If you want to help in the simplest way—join the facebook group and invite your friends! Spread the word about the cause!