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February 10

Well,  reporting here from cold, snowy, and windy Champaign–brrr! Champaign is sitting under about 7” of snow I guess between yesterday and this past weekend’s snowfalls. It’s been making for some tricky running, but believe me when I say that the cause has definitely motivated me to get out the door and run when I otherwise wouldn’t have. Today I was able to get in 11 or 12 miles–about 3 or 4 of which being through some thick snow and yesterday a bit over 8 was through about 7” of snow through U of I’s Arboretum cross country course. This past weekend, Stacy and I tried spreading the word about the cause and the ride here at St. John’s. The weekend after this it’s back home to Freeburg for the masses at St. Joe’s. Can’t think of a whole lot else about updates regarding the ride. 40 days for life starts next wednesday, so b4b will certainly be trying to send up as many prayers as we can for that. Try to check out Living Alternatives’ website,, to take a look at the awesome things that they do there. Signing off.