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February 2

Hello all! Hope that you all enjoy the new website layout for this year. Special thanks to John Paul and my friend Stephen for putting that together. It’s time to really batten down the hatches and get to work getting the word out again for B4B. Hard to believe that it’s only 7 weeks away (I think–or is it 6?). Anywho, really feeling the pressure now to wear out the kinks in the body at the ripe old age of 21. My training has consisted of running 7-10 miles 5 days a week, lifting one day a week, and riding for a 2 or 3 hours one day a week. Anxious about tackling nearly as far of a distance (almost 600 miles this year on my half) in only 5 days–but, we’ve got to offer up these little challenges, or “crosses” in our lives for what we believe in. Thanks again to all who gave their time, prayers, and financial assistance last year–we’re going to need more of that this year! We’ll be riding for Students for Life of Illinois again and Living Alternatives Pregnancy Resource Center here in Champaign. So, once again, spread the word, pray for the unborn, good weather during the ride, and training free of physical injury and I think we’ll be in good shape come March 24 when team U of I starts in Cairo. Peace!

(Note: my first posting should obviously be “1/8/10”, not “1/8/09”. Man time flies way too fast!)