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Being a Servant Leader in 2021

Our Biking for Babies Executive Team has been busy praying and dreaming of what the 2021 year looks like for B4B, and the words “servant leadership” continue to surface for us.   What does it mean to be a servant leader?  

Notice that, without mistake, the word “servant” comes first because the active concept of serving should always lead our actions and our words.  Serving others can mean many different things, but ultimately it means LOVING them!  It means listening and really hearing; it means meeting people where they are, today, without judgment.  

It sure looks and sounds a lot like the very thing Jesus did during his time on Earth, doesn’t it?  

The next part of the phrase is leadership.   You can unpack the word leadership many ways, but two concepts stand out in my mind: example and visionary.  Leaders are living examples.  They lead others by actively living out their own faith, their own values.  They are also visionary.  They know where they want to go, what change is possible, and can paint that vision clearly to those around them.   Leadership effects change not by “telling” people, but by inspiring people with their example and their love of others.   

For me personally, servant leadership came this year by choosing to join Biking for Babies as a working mom of two young children.  It certainly wasn’t easy to sacrifice the training time, the fundraising time, and the National Ride time, but I never questioned my decision.  I am living out my pro-life beliefs.  I want my own kids to see that life is a GIFT, not a choice.   I wanted to be an example to the young people I was riding with that their pro-life beliefs can and should extend well into their mid-adulthood even if it’s harder to find the time.  This year, I plan to continue living out my faith by serving the 2021 missionaries on their fundraising journey.   What a blessing and a joy to be able to do this!

As we embark on 2021, let’s reflect on a few questions.  What can you do in your life to be a servant leader?  How can you live out your pro-life beliefs by your example? How can you introduce the mission of Biking for Babies to others while meeting people where they are today, without judgment?

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Reach out to your local pregnancy resource center and ask how you can best serve them
  • Mission with others is even more joyful – do you have a friend, classmate, family member, co-worker, fellow parishioner, or someone you volunteer with that would be an awesome missionary for B4B 2021?  Why not ask them to join us?  
  • Could you share with 5 people what the Biking for Babies mission is OR share what a pregnancy resource center is and where the nearest one is to you?
  • Take some time with pro-life apologetics – deepen your relationship with Christ’s love for us, and his call for us to defend life.

Whatever what you choose, make an intentional commitment—one thing you can do each day, each week, each month—to be pro-life in your actions.  

God’s Blessings for 2021!


If you are ready to take the leap and live out your conviction for life in a real, tangible way…If you are ready to show yourself that you can do hard things for the sake of others…If you are ready to learn more about the centers on the front-line of the pro-life movement…If you are ready to be a part of a community that calls you to something greater in the name of Jesus Christ…then you are ready to join Biking for Babies. Missionary applications are due February 28! [Missionaries are young adults ages 18-39 who desire to be either a rider or support crew member and who are, above all else, excited to build a Culture of Life!]