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A Road of Challenges

Wow, what a day! We biked from Greenwood, MS to the north side of Memphis, TN today. Our mile total was around 160 miles. Our team experienced many challenges today from multiple flat tires, a few collisions, bruises and a few small scrapes. We are still in high spirits and rolling with the punches. One thing that everyone experiences in life is unexpected problems or tragedies. Our experience today made me meditate on the women that we are biking for. Most of them experience an unexpected instance in their life that may scare them or worry them. And, unfortunately, they may not have people who help support them emotionally, physically and spiritually. Today I watched our team pull together and help each other through tough times. We bike to help provide women with a support system that can help them through difficult and exciting times. With that support system we pray that these women can feel love and understand that there are people who want to help them and their baby.