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Renewing the Culture of Life

Biking for Babies chose for the words of its mission to “…renew the culture of life in America”. It says a lot about what I, and our leaders, think about the work and its relation to the spirit of our country—namely that the way in which our country is, at its fundamental nature, is one that respects those romantic ideals of honoring life in every way. It acknowledges that, while individuals and communities and countries may slip from our noble pursuits to more compromised ways of life, we can always find our way back using the proper tools and vision.

That’s exactly where Biking for Babies has been since the conclusion of the 7th annual ride in July. We have been busy renewing the energy and vision of our group with an enthusiastic and professional group of young people who know that building the kingdom here on Earth requires both passion and professionality.

Beginning October 27th with Biking for Babies t-shirt day and concluding with Giving Tuesday on December 1st, you will witness a strong Biking for Babies presence on social media as we invite a new wave of college students and young professionals to the 2016 ride—where two teams will depart from Chicago and New Orleans, respectively, on July 13th and conclude in Memphis on July 16th.

Please be a part of this campaign—either by wearing your Biking for Babies t-shirt next Tuesday and posting it on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, posting a memory of your Biking for Babies experience on November 10th, and participating on the new holiday, Giving Tuesday, by pledging to ride and fundraise a few miles for the 2017 fundraising efforts.

We look forward to seeing you out on the social media waves!

  1. Our family remains committed to the positive force in our off-the-wagon world! Thanks for all you do through this amazing organization!!

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