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Okay, hello to everyone. Just finished up our second day of riding. Yesterday we rode on some pretty hilly terrain from Carbondale, IL to my hometown of Freeburg in the “deep south” of Illinois. Put in 94 miles overall. It was great seeing friends and family throughout the end of our ride as well as the beginning of it this morning. Today we put in 116 miles from Freeburg to Teutopolis. Not as hilly, but still probably one of the hillier sections. It was great meeting up with Anne Marie and Stacie, friends from U of I, and Anne Marie’s dad a little past the halfway point today. It was a big boost. Two guys can only entertain each other so much spending 12 hours on a bike together in two days. Got a shorter day tomorrow–just riding to Champaign with lunch at the Newman center in EIU and dinner with Living Alternatives–one of the charities we’re riding for–in Champaign. Keep praying for the safety of our ride and the babies we’re riding for!