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Just finished up our third day of riding today from Teutopolis to Champaign being carried in on the tailwinds of the south. Legs starting to get a bit sore. We were graciously welcomed by the wonderful people at the Newman Center at EIU. We were also treated to dinner at the Living Alternatives Pregnancy Resource Center here in Champaign–great food and great people. Frank Brummer, whose house we stayed at last night, was great in getting a lot of media coverage for us in Effingham yesterday with the local newspaper interiewing us upon our arrival, led in by Frank and our friends Anne Marie Brummer and Stacie Hague. There were also two radio interviews this morning as well as daily mass. Looking forward to the second half of the trip as well as some rest for these sore legs! I want to express thanks (again) to all who have continuously helped make this ride possible!