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Day 2 (Sunday, March 22)

Thanks be to God, another successful day.  We’re are now 1/3 of the way complete.  (210 miles down!)

It has been a great ride so far.  The first day was filled with rolling hills and today was filled with cross winds. 

 Day One:  We finished out at about 93 miles and had a great warm welcome from the Shaefer’s.  We also had the pleasure of going to mass and received a blessing from Mike’s priest, Fr. Mark.  Mike’s parents were very hospitable and the food was fantastic!  I also had the opportunity to visit with my extended family.  (Uncle Joe, Aunt Kris and kids!)  It was quite the treat!

Day Two:  Today, we finished out at 210 miles.  Mr. Frank Brummer and his wonderful daughter Ms. Anne Marie Brummer, as well as Ms. Stacy Hague graced us with their presence.  Mr. Brummer was our “saving grace” meeting us at about 66 miles and riding us into (leading the way, against the wind)  Mulberry Grove for lunch.  After cleaning up, we went to mass at Sacred Heart (in Effingham).  Now, we’re getting ready and looking forward to some Brummer-style homecooking.

Day 2Mike and I greatly appreciate all of your prayers and all of your support.  St. Sebastian -Pray for us, St. Christopher -Pray for us, St. Michael -Pray for us, Mary, Queen of Victory -Pray for us!!