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Your “Yes” Matters

About a month ago, the FDA announced that it would be relaxing restrictions on mifepristone, more commonly known as the “abortion pill.”  Anytime prior to a year ago, this medication could only be prescribed for in-person pick-up.  Not long after, it was decided that women could temporarily access the medication through the mail.  However, the FDA’s most recent announcement makes this decision permanent.  Reading any information and articles on this matter is heartbreaking.  The lies and pressure that women are faced with regarding abortion is unbearable.  To think of women, who likely already feel alone and scared, going through the traumatic and painful process of an abortion by medication they received in the mail is devastating.  It is this reason why I believe so many Biking for Babies missionaries say “yes” to the mission.

Every single young adult I’ve met who has been a Biking for Babies missionary has deep compassion for women, contrary to what our culture believes.  They know women deserve better and want to see a world that reflects this.  In each of my three years as a missionary, I have been blown away and amazed by the sacrifices that my fellow missionaries make in order to stand up for life, support pregnancy resource centers, and to walk with women in unplanned pregnancies.

Biking for Babies works to change the culture and it truly makes a difference.  Hearts and minds are being changed.  Lives are being saved.  Women are being given the support they need.  However, there is more work to be done.  Until we live in a world where a woman does not feel like ordering abortion pills through the mail so she can end her child’s life is the only option, we must keep showing up to offer our love and support.

There are many ways we can do this.  However, if you are looking for a new avenue in the pro-life movement to offer love and support and want to experience something that is life-changing for not only yourself but also for women and their babies, you should prayerfully consider applying to be a Biking for Babies missionary.  Your “yes” may make a difference for that woman deciding whether or not to go through with her abortion.  Your “yes” may just give one more baby a chance to live.

Missionary applications are open through February 28th.  To learn more about the Biking for Babies missionary program and to apply, click here.