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Welcome Aboard!

Hello from the North,

Up here in snowy Madison I write my first post after a very exciting B4B meeting this morning!  My name is Jared, first year rider for B4B, Team Wisconsin edition.  Training has been few and far between with a spinning class here and a stair machine workout there, but I’m thinking about a little 18 mile jog today to hit the ground running, literally, and not look back…for the babies right!?

Being new to the experience I want to start out by saying thank you!  Thank

you already to Jimmy and Mike and John-Paul for their relentless work to bring the kingdom of heaven here as best they can.  Thank you to all the supporters that make this event what it has been in only one year!  Thank you for all the sacrifices that so many have made!  God has blessed all of us so much and His passion within all of us has already amazed me with this event.  When Jimmy asked me what I was doing for spring break a couple months ago I would have never imagined this would be the result, but I thank God so much that it is!  We are going to be biking 1200 miles throughout Illinois to glorify God and His most beautiful creation…the human life.  How beautiful and cool is that!?  So when we are plugging along on our bikes, you’ll be there with us, fighting the good fight, in prayers and spirit united through Christ, we are one body, with several parts.  Can’t wait to spread the excitement about B4B!

God Bless