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Reality is Sweet!

StacyDudes and Dudettes,

I’m super excited!

So I have to be real with everyone, it has been very difficult for me to believe the fact that biking 600 miles in 5 days could actually benefit anyone, even myself. It has been hard to embrace any other reality in my efforts other than boredom and fatigue.

I often catch myself being very impatient and I realize I am prone to desire instant gratification. I generally do not enjoy participating in activities unless I see results very quickly. That is one reason why I am prone to injury. I want quick results so I jump from 1 hr to 4 hr training days. It works, but what comes quickly also leaves quickly, or breaks you.

So because of this weakness I frequently fail to fully experience the joy of giving. I’ve seen all the good that biking for babies has done in the past, so I believe it in my head. But its been awhile, and I have found it hard to believe it in my heart. Opposed to popular belief, I don’t like to suffer, especially when its purpose is not obvious to me. But it is true that sometimes we will never see the fruits of our labor and we need to trust in God’s grace and have patience. Once in a while God will let you taste some fruit. This is great!!! because then you know it tastes good so you keep growing more! I’m super excited now because this weekend God totally let me taste some awesome fruit. It’s deliciously SWEET!

This weekend I went home to speak to my parish, Christ the King, and asked my neighbors to support our efforts in promoting the culture of life. Their support and encouragement was amazing. Thank you Christ the King parishioners, you helped my efforts become real to me. You helped my heart feel the reality that my mind could not. The reality that what am I doing is not about biking. We are not just biking for babies, because honestly biking does not physically save babies.

This bike ride is a physical manifestation of the love for life we and our supporters hold in our hearts. Each mile we ride and each calorie we burn is really our burning desire for the freedom and right of every individual to LIVE, no matter how small. This ride is making the invisible, visible. But we are not just signing a petition that says “we love life”. We are not just vocalizing our beliefs, because we do not just believe in love and life, we hunger for it, we NEED it. We are willing to sacrifice our bodies, our time, our money for it. This is what I need to keep in my heart while I am riding. Mike, Jimmy, Jared and I are not riding, ALL of us are; every baby, every mother, every father every human that desires true freedom, love and life.

Thank you supporters. Your love for life is a comfort and encouragement to my impatient and restless soul. The honor of burning up 600 miles of road for your burning desire for life, has finally become a reality that brings me much joy.

Gotta live it, gotta love it,

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