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Super Super Long Ride

We successfully made it to Champaign, Illinois, and just in time.  The morning started out great with an incredible tailwind.  We flew through the first 110 miles in 5 hours, and Mike set some new land-speed records along the way.  We were worried about making it to Champaign in time for Mass at 5:15, but with the Holy Spirit pushing us along (at about 20 mph) the whole day, we found ourselves only 70 miles out with plenty of time.  Needless to say, we slacked a little on our urgency and began taking longer breaks.  We rolled into Champaign at 5:05 and rushed to Mass to thank God for a day filled with many blessings.

One of the biggest blessings of my day was my mom and sister driving up to see me today.  I haven’t seen them in several months so it was very exciting to see them waving on the side of the road when we were getting close to Champaign.  Another blessing for all of the team was the chances we had to stop and pray together today.  We always make time to pray together several times throughout the day, but with our busy schedule today I was worried that might not happen.  Thanks to an incredibly strong tailwind we had time to pull off at a beautiful church and pray together before heading into town.  It is always good for us to take a break from the frustration and exhaustion of riding to remember why it is that we are riding.  We pray for all the mothers that find themselves expecting children and that they may choose to accept life for their child.  We also pray for each of you who are supporting us financially and through your prayers.

Off to Chicago tomorrow for our last day!  God bless,