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Scott Brunscheen

Scott is the Local Advocate Advisor on our board and serves as Executive Director for Faith at Work. Scott believes Jesus’ Great Commandment to “love God with all of our heart, minds, and soul…and love our neighbors as ourselves” (Matthew 22:37-39). When invited into leadership, Scott hopes to have a positive impact in helping strive to achieve an organization’s mission – taking the time to encourage individuals to be prayerful and ask God how they can serve. Looking forward to the future of Biking For Babies, he has seen firsthand the amazing gifts each team member of a board brings and considers it a blessing to serve, bringing more than four decades of experience both professionally and as a volunteer of many different nonprofits. Scott and his wife Karen, who reside in Iowa, have a growing family with 11 grandchildren (so far!), and thus place faith and family at the top of the list of ways they enjoy their free time.