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Moving Forward

I just moved residence and my indoor trainer set up has had a bit of a shift.  Before I could watch videos and listen to music on my laptop which sat right in front of me, but now I have no table in front of me so there goes my entertainment.  I think this could be God opening a door for me though, because I now listen to the radio.  It is EWTN Catholic radio and they have recently been talking a lot about politics and how political figures have been making decisions. 

This has really got me thinking about my role in politics and how much I am actually doing to make a difference.  Besides Biking for Babies, I have had little involvement in any social justice issues.  I think that my moving houses has allowed for me to see my life before, and how I was uninvolved, and now that I have less distractions in my life I can form this new way of living to make a greater difference.

I also heard this great talk by Janet Smith about the contraceptive mentality, and how that leads to having views of children which are burdensome.  This talk was great all around and I thought that it really hit on some good issues with today’s culture.  Check it out and share it with a friend: 

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