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Building Relationships

A few weeks ago, I received an email from a staff member at St. Gianna Clinic, the pregnancy resource center that I have been partnered with for the last three years.  She reached out to me to check in on how things were going on a personal level.and inquired about whether I was planning on applying to be a missionary again, indicating that they would love to be listed as the partnering clinic on my application.  Getting this email certainly brightened my week and it also made me reflect on what Biking for Babies is all about.  Building relationships.  That is what it really comes down to and it extends into our daily lives, outside of Biking for Babies.

One of the best parts of Biking for Babies is how we are connected with the amazing centers who serve women, babies, and families.  Each of the missionaries is tasked with developing a relationship with their centers.  This allows us to better support them and advocate for the work that they do.  It also helps us to better understand the needs of these centers and of those they serve, thus allowing us to pray more intentionally and deeply for them.

Building connections and developing relationships with our pregnancy resource centers is vital to the mission of Biking for Babies.  When we come to know about the services they provide, the stories of clients, and what they need to continue their work, we can better support their live-saving work.  Our approach to interacting with all we encounter should be the same way.  When we have conversations with family, friends, or coworkers who disagree with us on the value of life, we must base everything on a relationship.  The more we know who we are talking to and where they stand, the better we can try to understand their ideas and accurately address them, responding with truth and love.  This is how we change hearts and minds.  This is how we transform the culture into one that respects and cherishes every single life, from conception to death.

Outside of Biking for Babies, as disciples of Jesus, we must do the same thing.  It has to start with a relationship.  We must develop relationships with the people around us first.  Once we have that strong foundation, we can then work to share Jesus with them, witnessing to how he has worked in our lives and allowing His love and light to shine through us.

When we work on developing strong relationships, we are better able to build up and encourage others.  In a culture that tries to actively work against the live-giving work of pregnancy resource centers, they need our support, encouragement, and prayers now more than ever.  In a culture that works to shut down the voices of Christians and pro-life advocates, we need to stand tall and remain inspired and motivated at all times.  Biking for Babies is an organization that emphasizes the importance of relationships.  

Maybe you are feeling called to create deeper connections and build stronger relationships for the sake of the pro-life movement.  If so, check out the application for 2022 missionaries on our Missionary Formation page.