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All the Help in the World

It is truly the community together that makes all of our work possible and we have so many to thank.
– Ferry man
– Anne and Emil Schuart – host family
– Marilyn and Jim Schwinger – host family
– The Bryant family – for giving us water when we showed up at their door
– The Sikeston community – for waiting 3 hours when we were delayed
– Grocery lady – for the water
And that’s just a few from today. This thanks needs to also extend to the crew and support of B4B. As physical, mental, and spiritual fitness are tested throughout this trip, they are there every step of the way to draft me back to the group, share their food, when I have none, and encourage me to continue on when I am full of doubt.

It is the support from the community, friends, and God that has carried me physically, mentally, and spiritually to Sikeston. And today, we continue on to Freeburg!
Please keep us in your prayers and God bless.



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