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Missionary Formation

Transforming ourselves, encountering others, and changing the culture. 

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  • Where women don’t have to make choices out of fear or convenience but feel empowered to make choices out of love and purpose.
  • Where providing life to others and advocating for the thriving of all, from conception to natural death, is not only the best option, but also inconceivable to think otherwise
  • Where, by using your unique set of gifts, you can transform a culture that too easily throws away, discounts or excuses the dignity of life into one that protects, dignifies and celebrates all life, especially those most vulnerable.


You may be called to be a Biking for Babies missionary.

First and foremost, you are answering Christ’s call to “live life to the full” through caring for “the least of these.”

On our National Ride, you will bring others closer to Christ through physical gift, pro-life witness, and prayer. You are joining the mission of Biking for Babies to renew a culture that treasures, celebrates, and respects every life, from conception until natural death, for the dignified gift that it is.

First time being active in the pro-life movement? No sweat! As a missionary, you are also responding to Christ’s invitation to deepen your personal relationship with Him and experience ongoing spiritual formation. You will be part of a young adult (age 18-39) mission community that together inspires a growing relationship with Christ, supports one another in common pro-life mission, and holds each other accountable. By using your unique gifts and everyday actions, you contribute to the body of Christ, being “doers of the Word and not hearers only.”


We each have unique gifts to give. Missionaries can be riders or support crew.

Riders need good cycling habits to lay down the miles on public roads for something bigger than themselves. Physical preparation is essential. Riders ride 120+ miles each day at 15-20 mph with a team of 6, covering the nation in prayers for the restoration of the Culture of Life.


Support crew ensure the success of the National Ride by planning stops and church events, navigating the team safely through the country, and supporting the rider missionaries. After completing an asceticism-based training plan, support crew should be prepared to drive around eight hours a day, function well on few hours of sleep, and pray unceasingly throughout the day.

Missionaries complete a seven-month formation program, from March to September, centered around the annual National Ride.

You are asked to develop and articulate your pro-life testimony made up of the “Big 3:” what you are doing, why you are doing it, and who you are doing it for. Your answers to these questions will fuel monthly formation discussions about stewardship, diligence, perseverance, opportunity, and grace, all preparing you for a week of intense mission.

Missionaries partner with life-affirming pregnancy centers to learn about the pro-life movement’s front line. Through sharing the missions, greatest needs, and client stories of these centers, you invite mission partners to financially support the pro-life movement. You will be sent out to change the culture through sacrifice, perseverance, hope, and witness on one of the four legs of our national ride.

A vital part of Biking for Babies is inviting people to join you as mission partners.

They will support our mission spiritually and financially through prayers and donations. No mission is successful without support; not only will the national ride be covered with intercession, but you will also be including individuals and families in the mission to rebuild a culture that supports life by sponsoring pregnancy resource centers.

Regardless of past ability in fundraising, our trained coaches and route leaders will equip you to reach a financial goal for our pregnancy resource centers that you’ll set yourself. A minimum goal will be required, but we are confident you will be able to go far beyond our minimum with committed diligence, wonderful instruction, and bold inspiration to invite people into the mission, remembering that some give by going and others go by giving.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may be wondering…

The missionary age range is 18-39 years old, which means some missionaries are at all different stages in life! Anywhere between first or second year college students or full time engineer and dad of four kids. Our community is vibrant!

That being said, the average age of missionaries in 2023 was 27 years old.

You don’t have to be a pro cyclist to be a Biking for Babies rider. In fact, a good number of missionaries, while having a background in some type training or athletics, have minimal cycling experience. As long as you’re committed to putting the time and effort into training and are up for the challenge of learning road cycling, we’ll provide you with the necessary training plan, accountability, and personalized support that you will need along the way.

As far as equipment goes, you will need to purchase/borrow/rent a road bicycle and obtain the necessary gear (water bottles, helmet, bike shoes, etc.) in order to participate. If making the investment to get properly equipped is a concern, it’s possible that we can work with you to find a bike to borrow, and we also offer a missionary scholarship opportunity to help with covering these types of cost.

If you want more information on what gear you’d need to be a Biking for Babies rider, reach out to Aubrie, the Director of Missionary Formation, and she’ll provide you with details!

Most of our missionaries have minimal fundraising experience when they begin. So if you’re in that boat, too, don’t sweat it! Formation covers everything from the spirituality of fundraising down to the practicals, including guidance on writing a fundraising letter, giving a talk at your church, and more! On average, missionaries set a goal of $4,500. They also raise, on average, $4,500!

One of the cool things about our missionary opportunity is that it’s a virtual, seven month commitment with the only in-person requirement being the National Ride week. That means you can be a Biking for Babies missionary any place, any time! The missionary experience integrates well into the lives of busy college students and working professionals.

A missionary’s particular role on the National Ride–rider or support crew–will determine specific responsibilities in the pre-National Ride portion of formation. The time commitment is less for support crew missionaries who are not doing extensive physical preparation (ie- century rides) leading up to the National Ride.  On an average week, the time commitment is anywhere between 2-12 hours. Any formation outside of virtual meetings and the National Ride week itself can be done on your own time, according to your own schedule.

The National Ride is July 8-13, 2024.

See how you can support our missionaries as they cross the country this year!