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When You Think You Just Don’t Have the Time

By Kevyn Wiskirchen, 2016 Rider, 2018 missionary applicant   When a close friend first introduced me to Biking for Babies, I thought, “What a cool way to support such a great mission.” When I was subsequently asked if I would consider being a Biking for Babies...

When You Think You’re Not Ready

While I may not be the fastest runner or strongest biker, I put it all out there. I know have fought for my brothers and sisters. So will you be able to stand up and fight good battle; will you be willing to go through a day that might not be all hearts and sparkles; will you get down and dirty to protect life? Come and join us!

March for Life 2018: Love Saves Lives

A baby laughing at Daddy throwing him into the air. Teenagers snagging each other’s knit hats, instigating an innocent game of tag. Words of encouragement and hope from the loudspeaker. Older women with tears glistening and smiles spreading as they see a culture...

B4B at SLS18

At that point in time a girl from the group asked this question to her friends: How can we as Catholics preach a pro-life stance, but then we don’t actually do anything to facilitate these women to be pro-life? I asked God in my head, “You’re making this my job, aren’t you?” It was almost sarcastic. I then looked down at my phone… And I watched it die in my hand…

Merry Christmas from Biking for Babies

A couple of weeks ago, I was married to an amazing man, who popped us into the car and flew us across the country for our honeymoon in Arizona (which was positively dreamy). While we drove down beautiful state highways in the Verde Valley, we discussed at length about...

Priorities: Musings from a Balcony

We get too busy to see anything but the finish line of one project and the starting line of the next. We miss out on the moments in between or get too stressed to enjoy them. ..In my youth group program, I have a rule when we meet: be here. For them, that means, put your phones away. But for me, that means invest in what’s in front of you, because relationships matter.

Unlike Paul…

“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” (2 Timothy 4:7) Except… There are still women who feel lost, who feel uncared for, who feel shamed, who feel trapped, and, ultimately, feel hopeless.