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To which all things come..

Yeah, I know–a deep title, especially considering that it is 7a.m. the day after the ride and my body feels like something between the size of a freight train and a small sedan crashed into it last night. Okay, that actually overstates it a bit. I just wanted to use the analogy… as the title states, another Biking for Babies ride has truly, only bitter-sweetly, come to a close. All of the months of physical, mental, spiritual and administrative preparation played themselves out over those 9 days in helping to ensure a successful Biking for Babies ride. We rode nearly 1,100 miles in only 8 days of riding–averaging nearly 140 miles each day that every member of the team covered themselves.

The entry into the Chicago skyline was surreal to say the least–as each of us, I’m sure, recalled the unimaginable distance and countless generous people whom had unexpectedly found their way into our lives at some isolated geographical point between the southernmost and northern reaches of the country.

I wish there was something more meaningful that could be said about the ride here than anything that has been said or will be said here; but, alas, my handle on the English language is still fairly limited at my youthful age of 23 and a half.

I can simply say that it was a real blessing to bike with and be supported by such wonderful friends. It really isn’t a cause for which we ride. It’s because life is worth living that we ride. The linguistic, political, and social framework of that which is “pro-life”, in as much as it may look similar to any other social platform, only attempts to share with others the far bigger and more meaningful reality of something that we are certain of because there is something ultimately very beautiful about it–something so valuable and noble at every stage in life that we fear doing damage to our own humanity should we take it away from someone else, no matter the circumstance.

So, with that, those are my final words on this post for Biking for Babies 2012. We are still short of our financial goal of $40,000, so please continue to spread the word about the ride.

In addition, the mission of the ride goes far beyond fundraising–it exists to cultivate pro-life work and involvement in everyday life, by volunteering at pregnancy centers, pro-lifers who work for legislation, and other ways.

Thank you again to all of your generosity and have a great rest of your summer!