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Three Ladies, Cops, and Great Support

What a smooth day!!  Today started great with a good breakfast and then fantastic scenery as we rode through southern Mississippi.  The views were mostly nice forests that provided shade from the draining sun.  There were also many rolling hills, which really tested our teamwork going up and down the hills.  Overall, we had an easier biking day that ran very smoothly.

Our first stop today we took a break in a small town called Prentiss.  Here we had three women show much interest in our ride and they ended up getting us a police escort through the town.  This was one of the top experiences of the day.  When we finished our ride, St. Richard’s Parish Knights of Columbus hosted a spaghetti dinner.  Here we were supported by Pro Life Mississippi (one of our charities) and also the Knights of Columbus.  Hanging out with the parishioners was also an uplifting experience where we were able to share everything we had been through so far.   Tonight Lis’ family is hosting us and they have been very generous and loving to all of us.  I am not sure if this day could have been any better.

Earlier today we also were able to attend Mass at St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Madison.  We thought that today’s readings went well with today’s experiences.