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Many of the cyclists who did this trip in previous years (myself included) have claimed that the first day is the most difficult.  Once the first day is done you start to become physically and mentally adapted to the long rides.  Another key point, is that you learn how work with other riders within a pack, and how to ride efficiently with them.

This was evident today throughout our ride.  We had a smooth start as we left St. Jude Community Center in New Orleans and headed North to Mississippi.  People in the group were figuring out to efficiently ride behind each other as it seemed each rider had a unique pedal stroke.  We started off working extremely well as a team, but as people’s legs got tired and as tires got flat this team began to break up into smaller groups.  Each group had their own bit of adventure today as we took different routes to our final destination, Tyler Town.   Our groups finished today with their mileage ranging from 125 to 160 miles.   What a great way to get broken into this adventure.

At Tyler Town we celebrated Mass with St. Paul the Apostle Parish.  This Parish was amazing!  After Mass they had a potluck dinner for us, which was very generous and they welcomed us to their community as if we had always belonged there.  This parish community was also extremely tight knit with each other, which we riders are inspired to do other these next 8 days.  Thank you very much St. Paul Parish for your support!