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What is the typical image of “pro-life work”… smiling women, babies, pregnancy centers, stories with a happy ending, hopeful stories… things of this sort. All things which do form a very real part of pro-life work and include stories which should be told.

But, what about the other parts? It seems like we want to gloss over “gray” areas with these great stories… some women don’t have abortions and life is still really tough after.

What do we do with this? I don’t think the answer is to act like these don’t happen… relegating these scenarios to “rare” occurrences. In fact, I don’t know if this happens 80% of the time or 1% of the time.

What is fundamental to all of these stories though, is that there are people whose one life and happiness and dreams are at stake in all of this… pitted against a real political, social, medical, and philosophical backdrop.

I think this is something that we should remember in a very true way next time we’re praying outside of 40 Days for Life this spring or attending the annual fundraiser dinner for your pregnancy center.

What I mean when I say, “remember this”, is this… that the signs and the prayers and the centers and the policies… they need to be there first for real people… for the viscerality of our hopes and dreams and quiet work for happiness. there for each other.

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