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Sara Mittman

Hi, I’m Sara, back for round two of Biking for Babies as a route leader and rider! I’m from sunny San Diego, finishing my fourth year in chemical engineering at UCLA. So why am I here again? Glad you asked.

First, a story. I was chatting with a fellow student one day about abortion, you know, the usual chitchat. After going back and forth, I suddenly realized our disconnect and cried, “You are so valuable, do you know that?!” He was stunned, like he really didn’t know or never thought of it before. That’s when it clicked for me. How can someone find worth in other people’s lives if they don’t value their own life? One fruit of the B4B mission is supporting women who choose life and giving them concrete resources through pregnancy resource centers. But the overarching mission is to renew a culture of life, which includes reviving joy, beauty, and the idea of human dignity in a culture that says life is disposable unless it’s wanted.

I’m here because I want my friends to find joy and meaning in their lives. I want people to respect and treasure their own lives so that they can cherish the gift of new life. I believe if this change of heart can happen, communities would be naturally geared toward celebrating life and supporting women who choose life, even in challenging circumstances. Sounds like a world I’d want to live in. How about you?

Fundraising Progress

Goal: $5,000 | Raised: $6,739 | Progress: 135% | Updated: 10/9/2023

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