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Robbie Commodari

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Hello everyone! I am Robbie Commodari and this is my first time being a missionary for Biking for Babies. I am a recent graduate from Millersville University and have since been living in Lubbock, TX, where my Catholic faith journey has exploded! I have met so many wonderful people through Raider Catholic at Texas Tech here in Lubbock and have been inspired to live a life like that of Christ. Athletics have been a massive part of my life and during the past several years, I became involved in endurance sports, specifically in triathlons. I have competed in two iron-distance races and enjoyed both experiences. However, I recently began to question how I could use my athletic gifts to serve God and others. Sure enough, Biking for Babies was mentioned to me! This will not only give me an opportunity to use my gifts to serve God and others, but to involve myself in and share the joy of the culture of life! I am beyond excited to help renew this culture of life and to be a missionary for Biking for Babies!

Fundraising Progress

Goal: $2,250 | Raised: $704 | Progress: 31% | Updated: 10/9/2023

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