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Mary Ohm

Hi! My name is Mary and I am a second-year missionary with Biking for Babies! I am excited to be a co-route leader on the Mississippi Route this year! I am from Wichita, KS and work as a traveling nurse all across the country. I chose to return as a missionary because God did some major remodeling in my heart in 2021. I made a promise not to refuse him anything and I am keeping that promise. God showed me in my first year as a missionary that He is a good Father. A Father that can be trusted and is always working in my life whether I am able to recognize it at the time or not. Biking for Babies is changing the culture in a radical way, and through their mission Jesus is also changing my heart in a radical way. God lit a fire in my heart for women and the unborn and I want to show the world that they are worthy of love. And love requires sacrifice. I am so excited to be going on this adventure again and know that it will present new challenges in my life and new ways for me to totally lean in to the Father and His perfect plan. Please join me in offering hope to women facing crisis pregnancies and supporting them through the mission of Biking for Babies!

Fundraising Progress

Goal: $5,400 | Raised: $9,925 | Progress: 184% | Updated: 09/16/2022

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