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Katie Wanek

My name is Katie and I’m from Denmark, WI. I work for a nonprofit in Green Bay. I’m back as a fifth-year missionary because Biking for Babies is doing the work that our country so desperately needs, working to change the culture of death to a culture of life. Women in unplanned pregnancies, and their babies, need love and hope. Pregnancy resource centers need awareness and support. Additionally, Biking for Babies helps me to grow in discipline and holds me accountable in my faith and in my prayer life. Being a part of this mission continually reminds me of the beauty and dignity of life and of God’s infinite love for each and every single person. I am inspired to continue sharing the message that life is a precious gift, from conception to natural death. The amazing community, great friendships, immense joy, and fun adventure of Biking for Babies are all extra perks of the mission!

Fundraising Progress

Goal: $6,000 | Raised: $4,845 | Progress: 81% | Updated: 9/15/2023

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