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Joshua Geinert

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Hi! This is my 4th year with Biking for Babies and I love bringing this message of hope to my community and helping to connect people to Christ’s mission of Love and lifting up our neighbor! My wife and I have an amazing network of support around us in raising our son, but even with that, we still experience the trials of bearing and raising children and how overwhelming that can be. How much more we would know these trials if we didn’t have a support system. We want to extend our support system to them through the work of Pregnancy Resource Centers and through our own outreach and support. I am a missionary because I believe God made us for better than this culture. Let’s make it better.

Josh and Emily’s Fundraising Progress

Goal: $5,000 | Raised: $1,000 | Progress: 20% | Updated: 6/2/2023

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