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Jonathan Sepulveda

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Jonathan is a graduating senior who came to more thoroughly appreciate the sanctity of human life during college, following a deeply inspired religious reversion. Hoping to contribute back to the causes and efforts that helped him find a Culture of Life in spiritual development, Jonathan looks forward to undergoing the sweat and struggle required as part of Biking for Babies to both grow as a human made in God’s likeness, and to carry at least part of the burden and pain shared by those victims who were led astray from choosing Life.
Too often in our society, our actions fall short of our intentions—by challenging himself to a physical test that is hitherto foreign to him, Jonathan is taking up the challenge of B4B this year for his first time for his campus community, friends, and all those whose hearts may be moved to see the light and glory of all human life.

Fundraising Progress

$5,000 | Raised: $703 | Progress: 14% | Updated: 09/16/2022

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