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Fr. Dominic Vahling

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Hi! My name is Fr. Dominic Vahling, and I am a first-time missionary with Biking for Babies. I am in my third year of priesthood in Springfield, Illinois, and the pro-life cause has always been a big part of my life, having attended the March for Life many times. Recently, however, I felt prompted by God to take more concrete action in support of young mothers. I was familiar with B4B through a couple young adult friends who had been missionaries in the past, and my current high school ministry allows me to have a flexible summer schedule, so I decided to be courageous and go for it! I have always enjoyed and felt connected to God through physical activity, so I am excited to be a missionary with B4B this summer!

Fundraising Progress

Goal: $5,000 | Raised: $14,600 | Progress: 292% | Updated: 10/9/2023

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