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Chris Massaro

My name is Chris Massaro – if you say it fast it sounds like Christmas Arrow. I’m the middle child in a family of three boys. Sports have always been a big passion of mine, from a very young age. My mom says I used to call everything a ball and that I’d throw things constantly, including at my mom from the back seat of the car. I try to limit the things I throw while I’m biking, but it can be challenging to hold back entirely. I love to look at the sunset, the stars, the ocean, and birds, especially hawks – all of them point me toward God.

About 8 years ago a friend of mine brought me to pray with her out front of an abortion facility in Tennessee. Since that time, the call to live actively on behalf of women in crisis pregnancies has stirred in my heart. The opportunity to combine pro-life action with cycling is an incredible one. It’s hard to imagine doing something more concrete for pregnancy resource centers and the mothers served by them than raising awareness and financial support on their behalf. I give myself to the mission of renewing the culture of life as a Biking for Babies missionary because I believe that all life is sacred and that each person is made by God to be treated with reverence and love.

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