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Babs Sandlin

Howdy! I’m Babs, and I am HYPED to be a part of B4B this year! After riding last year, I am excited to try support crew as a Route Leader! The B4B experience was so beautiful, formative, and joyful. I learned a lot about the pro-life movement, myself, and how to suffer with purpose & joy. Biking for Babies is truly making a HUGE impact in helping women & babies through supporting pregnancy resource centers. PRCs are on the front lines of helping women to choose life and parent. I’ve seen first hand the love and support that PRCs give women (an example is the baby in my picture!). In my work as a labor & delivery nurse, I see just how much women need support, and I am heartbroken when I think of how many women and babies I don’t get to meet because of abortion. I’m thrilled to go on mission again with B4B to be a part of making abortion unthinkable!

Fundraising Progress

Goal: $4,000 | Raised: $4,504 | Progress: 113% | Updated: 09/16/2022

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