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Awake My Soul

Yesterday was the Feast of John the Baptist. God chose him before he was born to announce the coming of the Savior. This prophet even started his ministry inside the womb of his mother Elizabeth when he leapt for joy! His story always reminds me of the sanctity of every human life and that each person before they were conceived was given a purpose on this earth.

It is quite fitting that in less than two weeks we will be riding our bikes to bring hope to the streets of New Orleans and beyond, to remind the world that every person is made in the image of our creator and has an unspeakable dignity before God and his fellow man.

People these days are constantly searching for the truth-many times without knowing it. A line from ‘Awake My Soul’ by Mumford and Sons says: “In these bodies we will live and in these bodies we will die, Where you invest your love is where you invest your life”. As mortal men and women it behooves us to contemplate often what really matters in our life and invest our time there. Everyone thinks about this at some point whether they are a religious person or not. We want to enable people to see the beauty and truth about themselves and others. As Christians, being able to bring Christ and his love to others is an awesome purpose.