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Robert Newport

What greater cause than the defense of life? I am sometimes asked why I am so passionate about it. How can you not be, I wonder? I love the mission of Biking for Babies, building the culture “one pedal stroke at a time.” I see nothing but joy in the missionaries and leadership team despite the challenges associated with riding hundreds of miles and spreading the mission. The adversity is a tiny taste of the obstacles and anxiety struggling mothers face. I look forward to riding this year “as originally intended” from Columbus to St. Louis. I rode in 2020 when routes needed to be modified due to the pandemic.

I was born and raised in Indiana. I manage “McGowan Hall” community center in downtown Indy and am involved in the Knights of Columbus (Catholic charitable fraternity). I play guitar/sing and when I do, there’s a lot of Tom Petty on the playlist. Pacers, Colts, Ball State Cardinals fan. Chirp chirp!

Fundraising Progress

Goal: $4,000 | Raised: $3,981 | Progress: 99% | Updated: 09/16/2022

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