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Noah Picicci

Hello my name is Noah Picicci. I am a freshman college student attending Eastern Washington University. I discovered Biking for Babies through the club I joined, EWU Students for Life. The reason I would decide to participate in biking for babies is for two reasons. The first is wishing to help mothers, their children, and spread the pro life message; however, there is more specific reason I decided I am following through with this bike ride. This reason is due to having a very close friend who had an abortion. She wanted to keep her child but her boyfriend did not and eventually set up the meeting with planned parenthood. If she had more resources her child would still be alive and she would not be going through the pain she is now. This cannot be allowed to continue. This is why I am on this bike ride.

Fundraising Progress

Goal: $3,000| Raised: $0 | Progress: 0% | Updated: 10/9/2023

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