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Nancy Simpson

Hi all!! I’m Nancy Simpson. This is my fourth year as a Biking for Babies missionary. I was a rider one year and have been support crew the rest of the year. I live in Muscatine, Iowa and work for the local utility company as a Civil Engineer.

This year I have come back to Biking for Babies again because I truly believe in the mission. The mission to raise money and awareness for Pregnancy Resource Centers. Over the years I’ve spent with Biking for Babies, I have gotten to visit and learn about 5 different Pregnancy Resource Center. They all operate a little bit differently to cater to the clients in their area, but they all do an amazing job of giving women who are in crisis pregnancies the care and support that they need to feel confident that they can carry their pregnancy to term! I want to spread the word about the amazing work that they do! Biking for Babies gives me reason to bring up the topic and share about the Pregnancy Resource Centers.

My hope is that through more people knowing about Pregnancy Resource Centers more women will be able to go to them for support. But the Pregnancy Resource Centers can’t continue to offer the amazing services that they do without funds. And that is why we raise money for them as well. Will you donate today?

Fundraising Progress

Goal: $5,000 | Raised: $4,221 | Progress: 84% | Updated: 09/16/2022

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