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Marianne Rodriguez

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Hello, my name is Marianne. I come from Cleveland, OH and I live in the Washington, D.C. area. I am a 2nd year support crew member on the DC Route.

A little about me: I love dancing! I especially love dancing in amateur performance groups and to praise and worship music. I’ve dabbled in several sports…fencing, weightlifting, kickboxing… but nothing compares to the feeling of dancing with others to create a beautiful art piece for others to enjoy and feel with their hearts. My first academic love is for the science and art of economics: the intellectual attempt to understand the dynamics of wealth and poverty. I often work as an accountant or business manager.

Why Biking for Babies? The reality of poverty, lack of financial resources, and the corresponding lack of hope stirs in me the desire to be useful to the citizens of the world. Pope Francis says we must be brothers and sisters to everyone and look for ways to be the Good Samaritan on the road of life (Fratelli Tutti). I am a part of Biking for Babies to answer the call to be a good samaritan to women who find themselves unexpectedly expecting and unsure of where they can go for help. The network of pregnancy resource centers and support staff are like the innkeeper who helps the one in needs. The missionary’s role is to help make their work known and invite others to be good samaritans, too. But, why a 6 day cycling trip? Something in me wants to live up to the promise of my alma mater: ‘may earth be better and heaven be richer’ because of our effort and endeavors….and in a totally unique and bold way! I love the adventure Biking for Babies missionaries undertake and we have high aims. The missionary riders devote so much time to their training and they are so inspirational to be taking on the physical challenge. I enjoy planning the stops and looking after the logistics. Together, we keep the ride moving forward, and – with God – nothing is boring.

Fundraising Progress

Goal: $1,440 | Raised: $302 | Progress: 21% | Updated: 10/9/2023

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