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Kevin Biese

Hi! My name is Kevin Biese, and I am the 2nd longest tenured active personnel in Biking for Babies behind the one and only Jimmy Becker who serves on our board. As my primary role the past 5 years has been on the executive team, I have decided to take on the role of active missionary again this year. Why come back even though I have a role in the organization already? There are 2 main reasons. First, this past fall the PEW published a study that found that more young adults than ever have no desire to have kids. As a father of 5, this broke my heart. Not a single one of my kids were “planned” as defined by today’s society. Yet, being a father has been the greatest blessing of my life! I want the world to see a father of 5 kids, on a bike, singing the joys of life in hopes that others see the true beauty that children bring to this world. Second, I want my kids to witness my missionary experience. I hope and pray that my efforts this year ignite their faith and encourage them to seek the mission that God has prepared for them. If every member of our family lives a little more selflessly, and a little more joyfully for the gift of life, I know that we will bring about the Culture of Life in this country.

Fundraising Progress

Goal: $7,000 | Raised: $10,466 | Progress: 150% | Updated: 09/16/2022

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