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Hannah Hess

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Hi! I’m Hannah Hess, a second-year missionary with Biking for Babies, currently living in Wisconsin. I am a graphic designer for a small creative company in Madison and currently planning a September wedding with my fiance, John! Last year I was a support crew member on the Mississippi Route (let’s go Wiscosippi!) and was so inspired by our missionaries that during the National Ride last year, made the decision to come back this year as a rider! I am so grateful for the Holy Spirit working in my life and leading me to be a part of this mission, both in sharing my talents and in being an advocate for women and their unborn babies. I believe that every life matters and through this mission hope to encourage those who feel hopeless, scared, or angry, to realize that there is a community as well as many resources available to help them every step of the way.

Fundraising Progress

Goal: $8,000 | Raised: $16,743 | Progress: 209% | Updated: 9/15/2023

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