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Erin McCoy

HEY THERE, HI THERE, HO THERE! Welcome to the wonderful world of Biking for Babies! Erin, here, and this is my second year joining these fabulously crazy folks going on a 600 mile adventure to SAVE THE BABIES! Why am I doing this? To put it simply: LOVE. I am in love with life, and I believe that every single soul deserves the chance to live a beautiful life of their own! Biking for Babies is doing something about it, and I am more than happy to support the work of any and all Pregnancy Resource Centers. They are helping all women and men who walk through their door become loving parents to remarkable children. Self Sacrifice is a beautiful way to show love; parents (especially moms) do this for their children every day, and with the National Ride we’re doing our best to show love for them to! SO! Will you join me?
Peace, Love, God Bless, and enjoy Life, my friends! #forthebabies

Fundraising Progress

Goal: $2,000 | Raised: $1,834 | Progress: 92% | Updated: 09/16/2022

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