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Erich Wallace

Hello! My name is Erich Wallace and I am a 3rd year B4B missionary from Merrill, WI! I work as a general contractor and high school/middle school soccer and basketball coach. I have signed on as a rider- route leader on the Wisconsin Route this year and am very excited to continue working with this organization in hope of helping transform our culture into one that loves and respects life by transforming myself and hopefully influencing those around me in a way that reflects the love of God. My original motivation to join Biking for Babies came from recognizing that much of the argument against the pro-life position is that it is just based on talk, and not the actual support of women. So I decided to act, and get involved in a great organization that supports women by supporting pregnancy resource centers: places that provide women and their children care and support completely free of charge, even up to 5 years of age. There is no argument against that.

Fundraising Progress

Goal: $5,000 | Raised: $5,157 | Progress: 103% | Updated: 09/16/2022

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