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2017 Celebration of Life Recap

On July 15, 2017, around 100 people gathered deep in a park in St. Louis, surrounded by balloons, laughing children, and lots of trees. Some of them had ridden over 100 miles that day, some were just sweaty because it was warm outside. The 2017 Biking for Babies Celebration of Life had begun.

The 2017 Wisconsin Training Ride: oh, what a ride!

If you remember earlier this summer, we shared about a training ride some of our Northern missionaries put together in Wisconsin. Well, that was “so last year!” This year’s ride brought new pregnancy resource centers into play, invoked a few more weather patterns, and including a crew of six passionate missionaries for life. Read on about their experience…it’s a good one.

A First-Year Rider’s View from the Saddle

Dirk rode with the Eastern Team from Ohio to St. Louis, and as a first-year rider, he admits the journey wasn’t the easiest, but it definitely was fulfilling. Read his testimony below! While I was on my way to the Steubenville, Ohio area with Kevin, my route...

The Experience of Many Lifetimes: a reflection of the Eastern Ride

“Because within the incidents and outside of the incidents (including severe thunderstorms, broken bikes, and nonexistent roads), there was immeasurable beauty, joy, trust, hope, and radical love. The fact that we were able to feel the sun, to choose to overcome, to be joyful—those moments reminded us of the beauty of our life, and we were invited not to take them for granted.” Read Sarah’s reflection on this year’s Eastern Ride!

PRC of Rolla director to speak at B4B Celebration of Life

Erin is a second-year rider for Biking for Babies. Last year, she rode with the Southern Team, even though she’s a Chicago-area native! This year, she’ll be rolling down the Mississippi on the Northern Route. Read on as she describes the PRC she’s been partnered with: Pregnancy Resource Center of Rolla.