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Meet My Life Pregnancy Help Center in Columbia, MO

It is clear to me that My Life is a place of healing, hope and loving support. Even visiting them for just an hour, I felt the deep sense of calm and confidence their building and staff keep. With Christ at the core, generosity and care without judgment or discrimination, this center is a have for women who face an unplanned pregnancy…

A Reflection of NOLA 2016 Biking for Babies

“We ride for babies, we ride for life, and in living the Joy of the Gospel, we ride as missionaries for life with Jesus Christ.” Fr. Patrick tells his story of last year’s ride and how it might relate to the news of an unexpected pregnancy.

13 Reasons Why: a pro-life perspective

“13 Reasons Why” is extremely popular right now among teens and tweens who have heard the buzz and just want to be “in the know.” But our PR coordinator Ashley (and thousands of others across the nation) fear this show has missed the mark. The takeaway message should really be focused on issues surrounding sexuality and human dignity.

We love Mary, yes we do! We love Mary, how ’bout you!

Happy month of Mary! In the Catholic faith, May is a month devoted to our heavenly Mother Mary, asking her to increase our faith and trust in her Son (among other things). We know that Mary has a special connection to Her Son, and she is forever asking us to love Him more and become better disciples! Check out our favorite Marian devotions.

Jesus, I Trust in You

Divine Mercy Sunday was two days ago, and for many of us, it gave us a moment to reflect on our sinfulness but more importantly, God’s loving mercy! Part of this is trusting in the Lord’s goodness. Not all of us are willing to take someone at their word, especially when it seems too-good-to-be-true.

The Tomb is Empty: Alleluia!

Happy Easter, from our family to yours! As Christians, we get to celebrate the Risen Lord for even longer than the secular culture asks us to. What exactly does that look like for you? The B4B Leadership Team shares their favorite parts of the promise of Easter.

Living Victoriously

As the “Goliaths” of today’s culture loom over our heads, inspiring doom and failure, Jimmy speaks about following Christ through the Cross and to the Crown, bathing in the victory over death and sin!

The Twist is in the Details

Each of us has a favorite story; whether it’s a movie, a book, an oral tradition, or a play, there is some story that holds a special place, if not in our heart, then in our memory. The plot twists are captivating, and we desire to find that ultimate resolution. Read on to see why the smallest detail in Sarah’s favorite story continually changes her life.