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Our “Giving Tuesday” gift to you!

Today, we all have an opportunity to give alms to the poor by supporting charities and non-profits financially, and I feel blessed to give that support to pregnancy resource centers. To “give back” to our faithful supporters, I’ve created a few digital pieces of art to encourage you on your pro-life walk, and to remind you that you are not alone in upholding the dignity and value of life.

Sharing warmth with each other

“There’s something special about the fall that makes us want to celebrate and have parties. He pointed out that the cooler weather drives us indoors and gives us reasons to share the warmth with each other. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years: these holiday memories are shared with family, friends, and loved ones. People love sharing with each other…”

A smile is a curve that straightens everything out.

My parents taught me from a young age the importance of a smile. To them, it demonstrated not only joy, but a sense of welcoming for people around them…They taught me to believe that if I took on the world with a smile, I would enjoy each day more, and, more over, give myself an opportunity to help those around me.

We Are Our Brother’s Keeper.

We live in a culture that allows us to close our eyes to the pain of others. But what if we opened our eyes and hearts to the needs of our brothers and sisters around us?

Our Favorite Things

Some of the riders have shared their favorite parts of the 2016 national ride! Click to read more of the stories from riders Clare, Jonathan, Michaela, and Chris!

A Ride in Review: 2016

“Rolling through the hills along the Mississippi River, over twenty young adults pursued some of their greatest passions: cycling and athleticism, spreading the pro-life message, and wearing sunscreen. Okay, maybe wearing sunscreen is not necessarily a “passion,” but one certainly gets passionate about NOT being sunburnt by the hot sun in southern United States.”

40 Days for Life: Get Involved

A national pro-life movement called “40 Days for Life” begins tomorrow on September 28. If you have never had the chance to participate in the nation’s largest pro-life mobilization, this may be the opportunity for you! From their website: 40 Days…