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Biking for Babies

I’m a software engineer working and currently living in Minneapolis, MN. I had the tremendous blessing of meeting Kevin Biese my freshman year of college and through him was introduced to Biking for Babies. Being a part of Biking for Babies and the pro-life movement has allowed me to live my faith through my actions and has grown my faith in God immensely. I am so excited to use the skills God has given me to lead and grow the Biking for Babies mission further and spread the grace of Jesus Christ to all people especially those in need of the pro-life message!


When Choosing Life is Difficult: A PRC Story

I get stuck thinking that the Women’s Care Centers are only serving those who don’t come from a good background or are in an abusive relationship or come from a broken home and have no support system. But these places serve women from all different backgrounds and no matter where they come from, all are treated with dignity and respect.