Sarah Voet, Pregnancy Resource Center Liaison


Pregnancy Resource Center Liaison

Biking for Babies

Have you ever prayed to find your purpose in life? So many times we pray for health, protection, change, healing etc., but never want ourselves to be the answer. While studying at UW- La Crosse, I decided to answer my own prayers to end abortion by saying YES to joining the prolife movement in 2013. I have since been a proud member of Biking for Babies, taking on various roles. I currently am a rider and the Pregnancy Resource Center Liaison. My job is to find and cultivate relationships with PRCs around the country, thus spreading word of their existence and life-saving work to everyone who comes to know Biking for Babies. Beyond this organization, I also am a Group Exercise Coordinator and Personal Trainer for Green Bay and Appleton, Wisconsin YMCAs. My main purpose is to influence others to establish healthy habits and healthy relationships within their lives; something we should all strive for every day.  

The Twist is in the Details

Each of us has a favorite story; whether it’s a movie, a book, an oral tradition, or a play, there is some story that holds a special place, if not in our heart, then in our memory. The plot twists are captivating, and we desire to find that ultimate resolution. Read on to see why the smallest detail in Sarah’s favorite story continually changes her life.

Why We Do What We Do

Our mission is to support pregnancy resource centers financially and to tell the nation of their existence, because if at the end of the day, if we reach just one individual who needs guidance — if we have helped only one person walk through the doors of their local PRC — we know that God is working to save another life.

A PRC Story: Wyandotte Pregnancy Clinic serves women and families in poorest county of Kansas City, KS.

“I got to walk through the entire clinic, just like a new client would, and was shown each of the rooms, unique in purpose. From informal and comfortable sitting rooms to private consultation rooms that allow one-on-one counseling and classes all the way to the ultrasound room, rooms full to the ceiling of baby products and personal-care items and even a play room for clients who bring their children with them – it was apparent to me just how much WPC offers.”

Fully Relying on God

Fully relying on God has been for me, a constant battle. Doesn’t it sound so easy, “Just, rely on God!” but isn’t it such a hard practice? Since becoming involved with Biking for Babies, I have seen so much growth in my willingness and ability to rely more on Christ, and less on myself – and I see the more I let go and turn things over to Him, my work is magnified by His grace, and my heart is settled by his loving support.

So, with such beautiful results, why is fully relying on God so hard to do? I’ve been pondering some reasons with an open heart and I’ve got three for you.

Meet our PRC’s: Life Network of Southern Illinois

Mike Schaefer, one of Biking for Babies co-founders, supported Life Network of Southern Illinois for the 2016 ride. He recently visited the center to deliver his donation to them in person! He sent us this story from his visit: “I visited Debbie a few weeks ago...