Sarah Collins, Biking for Babies President 2016-17


2016-17 President,

Biking for Babies

As this year’s president, I intend to lead this magnificent leadership team into our nation’s culture of death and leave trails of the culture of Life all over the place (imagine a pro-life, flying-V from the Mighty Ducks)! I am a junior high youth minister from the lovely and humid state of Alabama (War Eagle), and my Instagram account features too many group selfies, God’s Beauty in nature, and pictures of my incessant intake of coffee. Recognizing every individual’s dignity and worth is a message I try to share daily, and Biking for Babies offers me a unique platform on which to do so. I head up Biking for Babies’ social media accounts and work closely with Jimmy in Fundraising and Kevin in Recruiting; visit our media page to see what good work has been done!

Skinny Lattes and Speed Limits: a response to the March for Life

On January 27, I was #blessed to go to the 2017 March for Life in Washington, DC. This year, experiences included discussions about exoskeletons and Manga, 98 pizzas from Dominoes, and a giant stuffed caterpillar named Popito. You don’t wanna ask, but you definitely want to read more.

Pregnancy Resource Center Spotlight: Her Choice, Birmingham AL

Nestled into the business of downtown Birmingham lies a beautiful treasure for women seeking assistance during an unplanned pregnancy. Her Choice meets the needs of everyone who walks into their door, including a person who was not actually seeking pregnancy care at all…

Sharing warmth with each other

“There’s something special about the fall that makes us want to celebrate and have parties. He pointed out that the cooler weather drives us indoors and gives us reasons to share the warmth with each other. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years: these holiday memories are shared with family, friends, and loved ones. People love sharing with each other…”

A Ride in Review: 2016

“Rolling through the hills along the Mississippi River, over twenty young adults pursued some of their greatest passions: cycling and athleticism, spreading the pro-life message, and wearing sunscreen. Okay, maybe wearing sunscreen is not necessarily a “passion,” but one certainly gets passionate about NOT being sunburnt by the hot sun in southern United States.”

Being Where You Are Supposed To Be: Meet The Morning Center

Like most pregnancy resource centers, The Morning Center strives “to provide high quality maternity care to underserved women.” But then Korey kept talking about that idea, about providing the same level care that a normal suburban mom would receive if she went to a medical clinic, and I was hooked.

Setting the World ON FIRE

We see brokenness in our world all the time; there’s no doubt about it. And most everyone desires to help someone in some way, whether we are Catholic, Lutheran, Christian, or anything else. We search for the greatest need and say, “There is where I want to give back.” Philosophers, teachers, rabbis, preachers, monks and nuns, inspirational speakers–all of them have offered their own insight to the world’s greatest need by how they dedicate their life. But to quote one of the most quotable humans of all time: “But I shall show you a still more excellent way.”