Sarah Collins, Biking for Babies President 2016-17


2017-18 Executive Director

As executive director, I am excited for the opportunities Biking for Babies offers to both pregnancy resource centers and young people in our country. I oversee our day-to-day operations and lead an excellent executive team in supporting our missionaries, PRCs, and donors. In 2013, I graduated from Auburn University with a B.S. in Human Development, focusing on middle childhood and adolescence. In 2014, my friend and B4B rider asked if I was willing to join a cross-country bike ride to drive a support vehicle and spray cyclists with sunscreen. While sunscreen wasn’t necessarily the selling point, the mission of Biking for Babies compelled me to join, and I haven’t looked back.

I’ve loved watching our ministry grow to better support individuals and organizations firmly dedicated to upholding the human dignity of our brothers and sisters. In a society which seems to value conformity to trends, it’s beautiful to watch young adults encounter Christ over and over again on the road and spread His joy and love to those they meet while using their amazing talents.

I live in Alabama and love my full-time job as a junior high youth minister. I will be marrying my wonderful fiancé on December 2, so please pray for us!

March for Life 2018: Love Saves Lives

A baby laughing at Daddy throwing him into the air. Teenagers snagging each other’s knit hats, instigating an innocent game of tag. Words of encouragement and hope from the loudspeaker. Older women with tears glistening and smiles spreading as they see a culture...

Merry Christmas from Biking for Babies

A couple of weeks ago, I was married to an amazing man, who popped us into the car and flew us across the country for our honeymoon in Arizona (which was positively dreamy). While we drove down beautiful state highways in the Verde Valley, we discussed at length about...

Priorities: Musings from a Balcony

We get too busy to see anything but the finish line of one project and the starting line of the next. We miss out on the moments in between or get too stressed to enjoy them. ..In my youth group program, I have a rule when we meet: be here. For them, that means, put your phones away. But for me, that means invest in what’s in front of you, because relationships matter.

2017 Celebration of Life Recap

On July 15, 2017, around 100 people gathered deep in a park in St. Louis, surrounded by balloons, laughing children, and lots of trees. Some of them had ridden over 100 miles that day, some were just sweaty because it was warm outside. The 2017 Biking for Babies Celebration of Life had begun.

The Experience of Many Lifetimes: a reflection of the Eastern Ride

“Because within the incidents and outside of the incidents (including severe thunderstorms, broken bikes, and nonexistent roads), there was immeasurable beauty, joy, trust, hope, and radical love. The fact that we were able to feel the sun, to choose to overcome, to be joyful—those moments reminded us of the beauty of our life, and we were invited not to take them for granted.” Read Sarah’s reflection on this year’s Eastern Ride!

13 Reasons Why: a pro-life perspective

“13 Reasons Why” is extremely popular right now among teens and tweens who have heard the buzz and just want to be “in the know.” But our PR coordinator Ashley (and thousands of others across the nation) fear this show has missed the mark. The takeaway message should really be focused on issues surrounding sexuality and human dignity.