Nick Weber, Videographer



Biking for Babies

My involvement with Biking for Babies began 4 years ago, when I joined the ride as a member of the support crew, and grew the following year as I took on the task of filming/editing the videos for 2013 ride. I’ve since moved from good ol’ Wisconsin to Seattle, Washington to pursue a PhD in Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Washington. Now, after a two year hiatus, I am ecstatic to join the leadership team as the “Video Guy” (I know, not as flashy as Kevin’s title). I am beyond blessed to have this opportunity to help spread the message of life to folks all over the country. Here in Seattle, where there are next to zero abortion-free establishments that women can visit for reproductive health care, our cultural denial of a child’s right to live is quite plain to see. But with YOUR help and prayers, we can all join together and–by the grace of God–restore the culture of life!