Kelsey Olsen, Secretary


Administrative Assistant and Recruiting Specialist

Biking for Babies

I recently accepted a new position as the Program Manager for a non-profit in Minneapolis called Cradle of Hope. I am excited to start this new adventure this year while I continue to grow with Biking for Babies! This will be my third year being involved with Biking for Babies and it has really been a blessing in my life. Not only has it brought me closer with God but it has also allowed me to meet some pretty awesome new people. This year, I have been given the opportunity to be the administrative assistant again as well as the recruiting and retention specialist for this awesome organization! I am really excited to be in both positions this year because it just means I get to be more involved and more giddy about all the beautiful things God puts in our lives! This year is going to be an amazing year and I can’t wait to start spreading the word and mission of Biking for Babies!


Not a rider? Join the Crew!

Support crew-ing can be a tough job, they’re the ones with the least amount of sleep and the most amount of filling-up-the-water-bottles, but we sat down with two former crew members to ask them about their experiences on the road and they shared with us some pretty awesome insights. So if you’re thinking, “I want to do this thing, but I’m not sure how to get involved!” Check out these Q&A’s from Kelsey Kuske and Caleb Kuske.

Saving Babies: a PRC Story

“Tonya’s pregnancy was confirmed. After processing for a while, she realized how capable she is of being a mom and standing up for herself. She stated with excitement “I am keeping my baby!” Tonya was able to hear and believe that God loves her and that the lives of both her and her baby have immense value.”