Brittany Ross, Donations Administrator and Accountant


Donations Administrator, Accountant

Biking for Babies

I am a staff accountant for an agriculture company in Southeast Missouri by day and wife to a very selfless husband, mother of three, CPA in the making, and donation administrator for Biking for Babies by night. I love organizing anything and everything, being outside, and watching my twin boys learn how to keep up with their big sister. I feel blessed to be able to contribute my nerdy Excel skills for God’s glory and look forward to the adventure which is Biking for Babies.

B4B at SLS18

At that point in time a girl from the group asked this question to her friends: How can we as Catholics preach a pro-life stance, but then we don’t actually do anything to facilitate these women to be pro-life? I asked God in my head, “You’re making this my job, aren’t you?” It was almost sarcastic. I then looked down at my phone… And I watched it die in my hand…

Priorities: Musings from a Balcony

We get too busy to see anything but the finish line of one project and the starting line of the next. We miss out on the moments in between or get too stressed to enjoy them. ..In my youth group program, I have a rule when we meet: be here. For them, that means, put your phones away. But for me, that means invest in what’s in front of you, because relationships matter.

The 2017 Wisconsin Training Ride: oh, what a ride!

If you remember earlier this summer, we shared about a training ride some of our Northern missionaries put together in Wisconsin. Well, that was “so last year!” This year’s ride brought new pregnancy resource centers into play, invoked a few more weather patterns, and including a crew of six passionate missionaries for life. Read on about their experience…it’s a good one.