Unlike Paul…

by Kevin Biese, 7th year missionary and rider

The 2017 Biking for Babies national ride concluded this July in a beautiful park in St. Louis, MO where 3 teams of young, inspired individuals congregated after hundreds of miles of biking. The teams surrounded by friends, family, music, food and prayer to cap off yet another successful ride. Even our fundraising for the year is coming to a close this October, and we currently stand a few thousand dollars shy of $80,000 for the PRCs we support around the country. Such a physical, spiritual and mental accomplishment always bring to mind Paul’s final letter to Timothy:

“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” 2 Timothy 4:7


There are still women who feel lost, who feel uncared for, who feel shamed, who feel trapped, and, ultimately, feel hopeless.

My brothers and sisters in Christ, Biking for Babies “race” is not over…not even close. We are still quite a few states away from our long-term goal of supporting a PRC in every state, we still have more money to raise for women and children everywhere through the good work of PRCs, and we still have a message of joy, of hope and of LIFE that thousands…no, millions have not heard. If you ask me, our marathon is just started.


The Biking for Babies Leadership Retreat

3 years ago, a “task force” of committed Biking for Babies’ members was created, and in those short 3 years it has expanded and has become the volunteer employees of Biking for Babies. Our ride might be over, but for our leadership team, Biking for Babies is an ongoing commitment to life. Beginning Friday night, this leadership team, with members from across the country (AL, WI, IA, MN, TN just to name a few) will converge in St. Louis, MO yet again. Here the planning of Biking for Babies, long and short term, will commence over a weekend. We will be in intense prayer, planning and reflection from Sept. 8th through Sept. 10th.

So, may I ask, one more thing from all of our devoted supporters? Prayers; please pray for our leadership team this weekend, and if you feel compelled to, join us in prayer on the 9th. Pray that the plans we put in place this weekend are not only fruitful, but that they are in alignment with God’s will for our organization.

Again and always, thank you for your continued support. We may have quite a few more miles to run in this “marathon,” but I’m convinced we have the supporters, missionaries and leadership team to “finish the race.”

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Kevin Biese

Kevin Biese has been a part of Biking for Babies for 6 years. Originally from Wisconsin and a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Kevin is currently a graduate student at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. He has been married for 2 years and loves spending time with his wife Nikki, son Weston and daughter Sophia.

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